How to Find Your Motivation Again – Tips for Women Over 40

When we, women, reach our midlife it often means some change. And change may be perceived as a crisis. Quite often, this midlife crises is actually a crisis of motivation.

What is motivation? According to Wikipedia motivation is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal directed behaviors.

In a plain language it means an inner engine that moves us towards our desires.

Common theme for women of my generation was that kids were their priority. Women, who chose to stay at home, did that for their kids. Women, who continued working, did that mostly to provide enough for their kids. A lot of women are familiar with just having a job for having an income to provide enough to their families. The first and highest motivation has been, consciously or not, our children.

Building career or letting it go, working hard or staying at home, these are different choices, based on different circumstances but mostly driven by same motivation; our children and their wellbeing. Children have been simply purpose of our lives and therefore our main motivators.

And then midlife changes hit us with all its challenges. Children grow up and become independent. And it often means that our motivation we got used to is gone.

No wonder that all career issues and struggles become more obvious. What we were used to accept before suddenly frustrates us. We may face many different issues but they often have the same cause. Lack of motivation.

So how to get the motivation back?

1. Awareness

First of all it is necessary to be aware of the situation. You can’t change what you are not aware of. You may notice signs of your inner engine lacking the fuel. Maybe you feel bored, numb or experience low energy levels. Maybe you feel irritated or oversensitive. These are signs that your engine doesn’t have enough of fuel. Acknowledge it and accept it as what it is. From there you may chose to change it.

2. Conscious approach

You need to want to change the situation. It just doesn’t happen automatically. Make a conscious choice. When you chose to change, the possible options show up. If you have a partner, talk to them. It is important for them to know what is happening for you. You changing means a change for them as well. Get them involved.

3. Reignite your passion

Remind yourself with what you were passionate about and reconnect with your passion. If you don’t know what it is, that’s OK either. Use your time to find out what makes you happy and then do it as often as possible. Say yes to life and taste different activities and environments. Look around and observe your feelings. You will find what makes you emotionally charged. Just pay attention to your feelings.

4. Find compelling mission

Doing what we love to do for ourselves is great. But quite often it’s not enough. Especially after spending long time by doing everything for someone else it may be quite a challenge. Use the urge to serve and contribute and look around. When you find what makes you emotionally charged the most, ask yourself: How can I serve through this, how can I make it different, how can I get involved… You will get the answer.

5. Let it be known

Let your family know. Talk to your partner and children and tell them what you are going to do and what you want to achieve. And tell them why. Ask them for support and let them react as they react. Their reaction may not be what you wish for. Accept that. They may need some time to absorb your new you and that’s all right. When they see you being motivated, passionate, active and happy by living your life fully, they will join.

Remember, it is your birth right to live your life fully. Find your fuel. Make your engine run and enjoy the ride.

Sex Tips For Women To Please Their Partners

Since the advent of human civilization it has been men who have been more adventurous in bed than women but in today’s world of gender equality things are changing quite fast. Women of today have come out of their shell and are willing to share with men what they would like to do during sex.

An active sex life is an integral part of every relationship and a woman should make sure that her relationship is not a one-sided affair with her man taking all the decisions and moves. There are many ways through which you can surprise your partner in bed and make him notice that you too are equally imaginative and active in bed. For such a thing to happen all you need is a little bit of creativity and knowledge about what your body desires in bed for sexual satisfaction.

Tips For Women to Improve Their Sexual Life


Some dirty talks during sex can easily turn on a man so next time you have sex keep this tip in mind. Communicate to him what you like and dislike, the more you open up to him the better. This is a great way to indulge in earth shattering sexual encounters.

Trying New Things

It is always fun to try out new things in bed. For example you can try different positions but make sure you are comfortable in those positions. One can also introduce some edibles during sexual activity like chocolate syrup and taste it right from your partner’s finger, trust me it will be nothing short of being in heaven.

Do Not Be Critical

Problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can happen once in a while and criticizing your man will only make things worse for him as men are very sensitive to such issues. Instead try to make him comfortable through a lot of foreplay. Men need motivation during such times and your support will eventually help him recover from such problems instantly.


A well lubricated vagina is a very important part of sexual intercourse and it is with proper lubrication only through which penetration will be easy and smooth. Sometimes it becomes almost impossible for a woman to lubricate and at such times herbal lubricants like vigorelle can come in handy.

Take Libido Enhancers

These days there are herbal supplements available to enhance sexual desire and achieve orgasms. Just like men take pills to improve their sexual life you can also take herbal pills to improve your sexual life.

Dating Tips For Women – Looking For the Right Guy?

There are many dating tips for women. These are guides that will help you achieve you desire of getting a partner and what you can do to have him for keeps. Being yourself from the time the dating begins is necessary. Attempting to be who you are not may backfire. Just relax and you will definitely impress.

You should have knowledge about various issues. Guys fall for bright women. He needs someone he can discuss issues with and someone who can reason. Being beautiful and bright at the same time gives you more marks.

Guys like a woman who has style. Be careful with your dressing and also your looks. Wear clothes that bring out the woman in you without over exposing you. Minimize the wearing of ordinary t-shirts.

When out on a date, watch your drinking. Taking tot after to of hard stuff maybe frowned upon by the man. This may make you appear careless about life. Chances of blacking out are high and guys are usually at a loss on how to deal with a woman who has blacked out. So, have your drink but be in control.

Guys appreciate a woman who is able to have a good old laugh. When a guy tells you some jokes you should be able to laugh at them. It is even better if you have jokes too that you can share. If you are relaxed, the guy will love your company.

Do something useful with your life. If you appear idle he may feel uncomfortable about you. When you have a life, you will not be always available when he contacts you. This is a great thing. When something is scarce, the price rises.

Have some simple cooking skills. Although this is the twenty first century, the way to the heart of a man is still the stomach. Men like a woman who can at least cook something.

Having a superiority complex and being rude to people when the guy is with you is not advisable. This displays an ugly you. This may scare a guy and he may decided to abandon you.

When you are together, do things that are fun and discuss things that are interesting to the two of you. Avoid complaining too much about things happening in your life. Such complaints may tire the man. Don’t forget that he is supposed to one day become your partner and not your counselor.

Avoid being easy going no matter how much he attracts you. Don’t forget that you are searching for a permanent relationship. Take your time before you get intimate with the a guy. This will show him that you are principled and he will respect you and may want you for keeps.

Lastly, avoid rushing the relationship. Let nature take its own course but keep evaluating the progress of the relationship. You can always tell whether the relationship is promising or whether it has reached a dead end.

The above dating tips for women should help you achieve you dating goals.